What Is a Cloud Call Center?

What Is a Cloud Call Center?

With many avenues of customer support these days, it’s important to know what the right option is for your business communications. One of the newer alternatives is the cloud call center, which has seen popularity over the years. Let’s break down what a cloud call center is and the advantages for your customer service.

Cloud Call Center Definition

A cloud call center (also called cloud contact center) provides inbound and outbound telecommunications over a high-speed internet connection. Unlike traditional call centers, the technical setup, equipment and maintenance is handled by a cloud call center provider. Essentially, all you need is fast, reliable internet services to call and connect your agents with customers, rather than phone lines or servers.

Benefits of Cloud Call Centers for Businesses

A cloud call center benefits businesses by helping them manage the customer experience across phone, email, SMS and chat. It is a cost-effective approach that offers exhaustive features and technology, such as workforce management tools and business analytic tools. Check out some of the benefits a cloud call center could bring to your business.

Save Resources

When you use cloud call centers, you’re saving space and cost on physical equipment. Plus, since this type of connection is more flexible, agents can work from home so long as there is a stable internet connection. During busy seasons, typical call centers have to manage increased call volume. Cloud call centers are a much more cost-effective model, as they only require space when it’s being used.

Enable Staff Flexibility

Cloud call centers are built for remote work because they are set up to work across a variety of devices and operating systems.  With many companies now working from home and the office, it provides flexibility and scalability. By  giving businesses the ability to hire out in different time zones, it increases customer support and satisfaction. Everyone stays connected no matter the location and supervisors are still able to manage the team.

Enhance Communications

You can also use cloud integration features to determine data, connect with useful apps and successfully route callers to the right agents for their customer service needs. With such a streamlined and efficient process, you’re less likely to leave customers on hold and you’re better able to solve their issues in a timely manner.

Improve Call Center Performance and Efficiency

Cloud call centers offer businesses a way to reduce costs without sacrificing quality or customer satisfaction. They also allow organizations to scale rapidly and easily while keeping maintenance costs low. In addition, they provide a flexible solution that allows companies to choose the level of control they want over their cloud call center.

Take your business’s customer support to the next level with Universal Connectivity’s cloud contact center solutions. Get clear connections, monitoring and reporting capabilities, and integration with business applications for operational continuity, even during disasters or power outages. Your agents will be empowered to work from anywhere, providing quality support for your customers.

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