What to Look for in a Cloud Communications Provider

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As the popularity of the cloud increases so does the demand for a cloud communications provider. It can be a daunting task to choose the right provider for your communications needs especially if you are new to the cloud. We’ve created a helpful guide of things to look for when choosing a cloud communications provider. 

Scalability and Flexibility

The ultimate goal of better operations is for your business to grow. So when you implement a new initiative, like moving to the cloud, you want to be partnered with a cloud communications provider that can grow and scale with your business. You want providers that can not only offer the services you need now, but also the services you may need in the future. In the communications sphere, these services could include SMS, live chat, voice, email and other chat apps like WhatsApp, Instagram or more. 

Great Service and Better Support

A high-level quality support team has tremendous value to you and your customers even with user-friendly or intuitive solutions. Whether it involves assisting with testing and integration or offering advice on best practices, partnering with a team that has a high level of expertise will make all the difference to you and your customers. 

Great support includes an account or project manager that knows your business necessities inside and out. Your provider should offer continuous network monitoring and round-the-clock support. 

Global and Local Reach in the Right Places

It’s important to know how much of the global population your provider can connect with,  as well as how many direct carrier connections they have with mobile partners. Global reach also needs to be supported with a provider who has local presence. This will allow the provider to align its services with regional regulations and provide boots on the ground locally to tailor solutions to meet those needs.. 

The Importance of Security and Privacy

Protecting your customers’ data and privacy should be at the top of this list of priorities when choosing a cloud communications provider. Make sure the service is secure, with encryption at different points including the platform itself, the messaging-delivery channel and APIs. Other important security features include customer interactions and user authentication, your provider should be complying with data privacy regulations.

Plans and Pricing 

As with many of today’s systems, cloud communications plans and pricing are usually based on a subscription or consumption-based model. As you compare plans and pricing, ask if your long-distance and domestic call traffic will be supported. You may be able to take advantage of the SIP trunking and telephone infrastructure services you already have in place. Doing so could make the new plan more cost-efficient, especially for those companies with multiple locations. 

Choose Universal for Your Cloud Communications Provider

At Universal Connectivity we have comprehensive experience in unified communications including the cloud and other platforms. Schedule a consultation with us today to get started on elevating your business communications.

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