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Discover How Call Recording and Voice AI Solutions Benefit Your Business

Designed to scale to meet your business needs, it allows you to see answers in every conversation and understand: what’s our customer sentiment? What are our inbound trends right now? How satisfied are our customers? What are their pain points? Who performs best in satisfying customers? Did that conversation reflect our sales and service policies? Real-time customer experience data from every conversation gives insight into what’s working and what’s not.

Cloud recording and Voice AI gives your business the tools needed to meet regulatory compliance, increase revenue, boost customer engagement and satisfaction, and gain crucial employee insight for coaching and training.

Benefits of a Call Recording and Voice AI Solution with Universal Connectivity:

  • Capture conversations in real-time recording voice, video and chat from your phone, mobile, Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams, zoom and more.
  • Replay conversations and review transcripts.
  • Gain instant knowledge and understanding with real-time search and transcriptions and AI- enriched insights with keyword and sentiment alerts.
  • Meet regulatory compliance mandates and respond quickly to audits and investigations.
  • Turn every conversation into data with voice-to-text transcription.
  • Understand interactions and give agent insights through sentiment analysis of every conversation categorized by seven key emotions.
  • Reduce costs and complexity of legacy call recording and needing multi-vendors.
  • Discover missed revenue opportunities
  • Create permission-based data sharing, downloading and exporting along with advanced and scalable storage for unlimited retention periods, legal hold and discovery.

Cloud Call Recording and Voice AI Dashboards

Call Recording and Voice AI
Sentiment Analytics
Transcription and Sentiment Analytics

Customer intelligence starts with capturing conversations.

Unlock insights from any conversation for compliance, sales & service performance, CX, coaching and dispute resolution. The benefits to your industry are endless.

  • Small-mid-size business: Capture conversations with customers and vendors for compliance, quicker dispute resolution, proof of orders and requests, and customer satisfaction. Automate the capture of conversations across almost any device or application. Reduce churn by gaining real-time insights into customer satisfaction and sentiment to enable quick responses improving the customer experience. Coach staff based on actual conversations and transcripts to train, retain and drive performance better.
  • Healthcare: Appropriately monitor conversations, automate risk alerting and workflows, improve record-keeping through automated audio, video and transcribe records of conversations (which can be integrated into CRM and patient files), monitor service quality to improve patient care, ensure conduct standards, meet privacy Act and HIPAA requirements, and safeguard electronically protected health information (ePHI).
Call Recording and Voice AI with Universal Connectivity
  • Financial services: capture conversations, retain and review increasing customer experience and allowing greater investment in coaching and training. Respond to audit, legal and regulatory requests with ease and accuracy. Meet compliance mandates and respond quickly to audits and investigations. AI can quickly alert you to risks and suspicious behaviors instantly using keyword and sentiment analytics to detect misconduct and regulatory and corporate compliance.
  • Legal Services: Reduce risk in legal practices. Detect client issues in real-time and monitor the tone and sentiment of every conversation. Record and transcribe conversations meeting compliance mandates and be able to respond to audits and investigations. Search across unlimited parameters to retrieve conversations for rapid eDiscovery.
  • Education: Create an environment of support and respect. Capture crucial conversations and uncover student insights with real-time sentiment analysis and alerts to improve student experience and retention. Understand what staff are communicating to students to gain the insight you need to motivate, retain and drive performance through coaching and training. Improve record keeping with accurate and automated video, audio and transcribed records of conversations which are automatically integrated into CRM and student files. Resolve disputes related to fees and payments quickly by easily searching records of calls with students, staff and parents.
  • Manufacturing: Improve sales performance, increase productivity and order accuracy with transcriptions and replay. Resolve disputes related to orders and payments by quickly and easily searching records of calls with distributors, vendors and clients. Capture and store conversations satisfying privacy, GDPR and PCI compliance. Motivate, retain and drive employee performance through training based on conversations and transcripts.

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Call Recording and Voice AI Solutions

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  • Real-time interaction and agent insight
  • Voice-to-text transcription
  • Meeting regulatory compliance
  • See how AI does the heavy lifting

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Universal Connectivity Call Recording and Voice AI

Improve performance & productivity by supporting your team

In today's hybrid and remote workplace, in-person interactions and meetings are steadily being replaced by virtual calls. Businesses need a solution that can capture critical voice data and provide actionable insights to enhance sales and service performance, improve customer experience and enable proactive compliance. You can share notes, transcripts and recordings via your CRM and collaboration tools.

With Universal Connectivity’s AI-enriched call recording platform you can easily deploy the solution across your organization and support remote working. It integrates with Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, VoIP phone systems, mobile, contact center, and more allowing you to gain actionable business intelligence – quickly and securely from any location.

  • Establish a permanent hybrid workplace solution making work easier and better for everyone. Record all calls, chats, and videos to reveal crucial insights for understanding and training opportunities.
  • Support contact centers and lead managers to ensure a greater customer experience with the ability to quickly identify and respond to client issues, train new employees, and document all customer calls.
  • Coach sales teams by reviewing clients’ calls with staff improving sales effectiveness as well as identifying potential opportunities for additional engagement.
  • Streamline the hiring process by recording and sharing interviews as well as document all onboarding, conflict resolution, coaching and termination conversations.
  • Meet compliance for businesses that require encrypted call recording. Our call recording with voice AI solutions ensures that PCI-DSS, HIPPA/HITRUST and SOC2 compliance is maintained.
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