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You Deserve To Be Better Connected With Business Internet Services

Why? The internet has transformed the way companies do business clearing the way to a more accessible, connected global marketplace. Business internet services also keeps your business secure and running smoothly giving access to information anytime and from anywhere – a key component to your success. Reliable internet connection will keep your teams working regardless of their location improving overall performance and productivity – that’s why.

Your business deserves to be better connected. With Universal Connectivity as your strategic partner, we will tailor a solution to fit your business needs for today and tomorrow – all with human touch support.

What Is Included in Business Internet Services?

  • A turnkey solution to meet bandwidth and security requirements at scale
  • Fast deployments that free up key IT resources and operational expenses
  • Human touch support
  • Flexible bandwidth, up to 10Gbps
  • A robust and unique network design built for you
  • Wireless 4G LTE/5G broadband connection
  • Direct-to-cloud platform connectivity
  • Access to cloud-based applications
  • VPN access for individuals and remote sites
  • VoIP and video conferencing quality and priority traffic shaping
  • High availability solutions that balance the strengths of fiber and wireless networks
  • Security protocols are purpose-built for PCI compliance
Fiber Internet Services For Business

With an Entire Business To Manage, Your Last Worry Should Be Your Internet Service

For businesses, the reliability of the internet connection is vital. Fiber optic connectivity can extend a significant advantage to companies of all sizes – especially for the ones that use data storage or cloud. The internet connection you choose for your organization will not only impact employee productivity, but also the customer experience. Simply put, the more seamless the experience, the more your company will benefit and grow. Reliability, bandwidth, speed, security, signal strength, and cloud access are just a few of the factors that give fiber optic business internet services the advantage.

With business internet service from Universal Connectivity, you get:

  • Access to enterprise-class fiber optic internet.
  • A private and secure network that is never shared between customers.
  • Symmetrical bandwidth guaranteed with plug-and-play setup that reduces cost.

Avoid Costly Outages… Backup Your Network

Internet service provider (ISP) outages can be hard to predict and devastating. Having a secondary internet connection will keep you productive and available to customers. For many SMBs, a cost-effective option for this is to use a 4G cellular modem. It provides high-speed connectivity, is reliable, far-reaching and offers a wireless last mile that will be separate from the primary connection. When using a 4G backup solution, your router will automatically sense when the primary connection has gone offline and begin routing traffic over your cellular carrier, keeping your employees connected and your business operational. The 4G backup solution provides business continuity.

Universal Connectivity business communications provider

Meet bandwidth and security requirements at scale

Universal Connectivity business communications provider

Fast deployments that free up resources and operational budgets

Universal Connectivity business communications provider

A turnkey solution with human touch support

Reliable, Scalable High-Speed Connections

Your business needs internet connectivity you can count on with the technology to keep your business secure and running smoothly. Whether you need internet connectivity for one office or multi-locations, the Universal Connectivity team takes the time to determine the right bandwidth for your needs.

Our fiber optic internet access and fixed wireless service keeps you connected to the world, while supporting all your critical applications. Get connected, affordably and efficiently.

Universal connectivity customer reviews

“Their team is incredibly responsive and the follow up is just as impressive. Highly recommend Universal Connectivity to anyone looking for a communications partner that will keep you securely connected.”

-- Rich Beebe

Beebe Landscape Services Owner

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Better Communication Through Better Connections

With a business internet service providers, these benefits will have a positive impact on your business:


  • Communicate effortlessly
  • Information sharing and locating is faster
  • Business automation
  • Reduced costs
  • Latest marketing approaches to reach a wider audience
  • More engaged customers
  • High-speed connection and mobile internet
  • Improved workplace productivity
  • Manage corporate networks
  • Improved customer experience
Internet Data Transmission - Fiber Internet

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