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Leverage Technology to Create Opportunities in the Classroom Preparing Children for the Future

Technology is becoming both a tool and a catalyst for change in today's educational institutions. As a result, the learning environment is evolving, changing the very definition of the classroom. Technology provides students with easy access to information, allows them to explore new subjects, creates an engaged learning environment, and incorporates different styles of learning. It also provides fun opportunities for students to collaborate and practice what they learned strengthening their understanding of concepts with a variety of tools right at their fingertips. As your strategic partner, we will support your high-tech learning environment to enable administrators, students and teachers to engage seamlessly and securely.

Whether you are a local school district, private school or a large multi-campus university, Investing in unified communications offers every school the opportunity to achieve their business goals to deliver enhanced support and opportunities while finding strategic and sustainable ways to reduce costs, increase efficiencies and drive growth.

When you choose Universal Connectivity for your cloud communications for education partner, you get:

  • A local provider with education experience.
  • Unified communication solutions customized for your needs and budget
  • The right infrastructure for today and the future.
  • Managed cybersecurity services to keep the high volume of sensitive data secure.
  • Cloud based phone system to connect your staff and faculty.
Universal Cloud Communications for Education

Our Technology Health Scorecard

As part of our commitment to the Education industry, we have developed a comprehensive Technology Health Scorecard Assessment. This assessment provides a meticulous review of your organization's technology and communications systems, allowing us to identify opportunities for improvement and growth in areas like:

Areas Covered

Areas Covered

  • Secure Communications
  • Internet Access options
  • Wi-Fi coverage, security, and guest access
  • MS Teams / 3rd party integrations
  • Phone system requirements and 911 compliance
  • Emergency Notifications, Paging, School Bell Systems, Visitor Aware, & Family reunification
  • Security (physical, video and Network / Cyber)
  • IT Management
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

How You Can Use Results

How You Can Use Results

  • Identify risk areas and strategically plan your IT budgets
  • Improve your School’s Continuity Plans
  • Enhance Administration, teacher and student engagement through better technology utilization
  • Lower costs by pinpointing inefficiencies and redundant systems
  • Enable efficient and secure video communications

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Bring conversations, content, and apps together all in one place. Teachers can create collaborative classrooms, connect with colleagues in a professional learning environment and seamlessly connect with school administration and staff. Integrate Webex or Microsoft teams to allow your team to connect with:

  • Unified voice, video, and messaging.
  • Virtual real-time collaboration.
  • Share notes, resources, chats, meetings, assignments and even apps, including from third parties.

Teachers understand the value of time and keeping to their schedules ensuring the children get the most out of their academic day. Set them up for success by providing classrooms with reliable, high-speed, stable internet connections from Universal Connectivity which includes:

  • Flexible bandwidth, up to 10Gbps.
  • Robust and unique network design built for you.
  • Wireless 4G LTE/5G broadband connection.
  • Direct to cloud platform connectivity.
  • Access to cloud-based applications.
  • VPN access for individuals and remote sites.
  • VoIP and video conferencing quality and priority traffic shaping.

Keep your school on track for collaboration and success by investing in a cloud based phone system. Universal Connectivity can help you switch to VoIP phone service that will elevate your schools overall productivity while increasing functionality and mobility allowing remote workers and multiple offices to stay connected, all in one phone system. Connect your staff and faculty with a cloud based phone system that offers voice, video and chat capabilities. In addition, Universal Connectivity can help your institution connect with:

  • Fast, dependable internet that comes with personal support.
  • Video conference setup that makes virtual learning seamless, no matter what meeting platform is required.
  • Integration of platforms like Cisco Webex with telecom systems so you get more from your investment.
  • Cloud services designed to keep data secure and make applications and documents accessible to everyone in your administration.
  • The convenience that comes from working with just one telecom vendor.

Safeguard everyone on your campus with immediate alerts and the critical information they need to stay safe and respond in an emergency. Notifications can be sent any device, including your legacy systems. We design this system to meet the individual needs of your school and campus. And that same system can be used to manage daily operations including announcements, bell scheduling, overhead paging and to reach students, parents and staff on and off campus.

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Education Industry Cloud Communications

Managed Cybersecurity Services to Keep Data Secure

Locked filing cabinets used to be the way of controlling the privacy of students. Now, in the digital classroom era, schools need increased data security to keep students' data safe and maintain compliance with updated laws. Universal Connectivity can help you achieve this by providing managed cyber security services for:

  • Web application firewall.
  • Data leak protection.
  • VPNs with 2-factor authentication.
  • Third-party access vendor support.
  • Vulnerability scans.
  • SD-WAN.
  • Backup and disaster recovery.
  • Cloud security.
  • Anti-spam and Anti-virus.
  • URL link protection.
  • Managed networks.
  • Site to site IPsec.
  • Wireless access point, switch integration and management.

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