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Choosing UC-Links With SMS Messaging

Leverage the technology of our UC-Links Platform for quick and convenient SMS communication with clients, consumers or employees.

Simple Business SMS Messaging

Messaging Should Be Simple, Not Stressful

Does your company need a simpler, and quicker way of sharing information? Make communication with customers, colleagues and important stakeholders seamless and secure. Take advantage of this communications channel for interacting with customers, partners and others outside the company.

Our UC-Links with SMS messaging service unlocks major efficiencies to share your message with consumers and help colleagues in your company interact and get work done. Send and receive secure messages and phone calls through one unified app. Engage with anyone on any mobile phone: customers, partners, clients, patients and students on the platform they want.

More Than Texting

Our collaboration tool brings professionalism to SMS messaging and the ease of texting to the workplace. Messages come from your company’s business phone number through our cloud-based service. You can collaborate beyond meetings by converting internal communications into external SMS messages to any mobile or SMS-capable phone.

SMS Messaging For Companies
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UC-Links Products & Services

Universal Connectivity has many products and services offerings under our UC-Links platform. Through our many trusted partnerships that help us serve you, we can create connectivity solutions that integrate your core business applications.

Learn more about our UC-Links platform and service offerings.

How to Add UC-Links with SMS Messaging?

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