Customer Referral Program

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Partner with Universal Connectivity and get rewards for your referrals!

Earn $5,000 in Customer Referral Program

Earn up to $5,000 in rewards!

When your referral becomes a signed customer you will receive a reward equating to one month of the service revenue your referral creates, up to $5,000.

$50 Customer Referral Program Reward

Earn a $50 VISA gift card!

Within one week of your referral’s conversation with Universal Connectivity, we will send both you and your referral a digital $50 VISA gift card, no conditions, no strings attached.

How Do I Get Started Earning Rewards?

Know someone whose business could benefit from IT management support? Our team will help guide them forward by streamlining their technology and increasing productivity.

Step 1: Submit Your Referral

Complete the form to submit your referral.

Step 2: We’ll Take It From There

Once we receive your referral submission, one of our representatives will reach out to your referral and offer them a free consultation.

Step 3: Watch Your Email for Rewards

We will email you with any updates. Once we have a conversation with your referral we will send both of you the digital $50 VISA gift card. If your referral signs an agreement for a Universal Connectivity product or service, you will receive your reward up to $5,000.

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