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Because You Need a Telecommunications Partner on Your Side

At your firm, staying connected to clients and coworkers is critical. You can’t waste billable time on miscommunication. With the prevalence of remote and virtual work, new concerns arise about data security and the ability to provide the best service to your clients in a safe and secure environment. You need an experienced connectivity partner on your side.

When you choose Universal Connectivity for your telecommunications service, you get:

  • A local provider with law firm experience.
  • Access to enterprise-class fiber optic internet.
  • Hosted business phone systems.
  • The right infrastructure for today and the future.
Telecommunications Services for Law Offices

Tap Our Experience with Local and Regional Firms

We understand the specific needs of law firms from connectivity to video conferencing. You can count on our fast, personal support and our full suite of services: Business internet, hosted phone systems, online fax systems and much more.

Universal connectivity customer reviews

“Your quick response and solution gave us the ability to do a test beforehand. All involved were very happy and it was great to be able to confidently use our new technology live with our clients. We really appreciate your support.”

-- Julie Traczyk

Reid and Riege, P.C. IT Manager

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Our Technology Health Scorecard

As part of our commitment to help growing mid-size businesses and enterprises, we have developed a comprehensive Technology Health Scorecard Assessment. This assessment provides a meticulous review of your organization’s technology and communications systems, allowing us to identify opportunities for improvement and growth in areas like:

Areas Covered

Areas Covered

  • Secure Communications
  • Internet Access options
  • Wi-Fi coverage, security and guest access
  • 3rd party Integrations
  • Phone system requirements and 911 compliance
  • Emergency Notifications, Paging & Visitor Aware
  • Security (physical, video and Network / Cyber)
  • IT Management / Remote / Hybrid workers
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
  • Video Conferencing
  • Call Center / Analytics / Call Recording

How You Can Use Results

How You Can Use Results

  • Identify risk areas and strategically plan your IT budgets
  • Improve your Business Continuity Plans
  • Enhance employee and client engagement through better technology utilization
  • Lower costs by pinpointing inefficiencies and redundant systems
  • Enable efficient and secure video communications

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Business Technology Should Be an Asset, Not an Obstacle

Trust our experts to customize the right business communication solutions to meet your law firm's needs.

Telecommunications Services for Law Firms

A Winning Approach

One way to put your law firm on track for productivity and efficiency is to invest in top VoIP business phones. In addition, Universal Connectivity can help your firm connect with:

  • Fast, dependable business internet that comes with personal support.
  • Video conference setup that makes meetings seamless, no matter what meeting platform is required.
  • Integration of platforms like Microsoft Teams with telecom systems so you get more from your investment.
  • Cloud services designed to keep data secure and the applications and documents you need accessible to everyone on your team.
  • The convenience that comes from working with just one telecom vendor.

The Case for Local Telecom Service

If your firm is relying on outdated or ill-fitting telecommunications systems, you can’t get the most from your staff. Or maybe you’ve chosen to use a large national telecom provider and just aren’t getting the service you should be. Top-notch firms deserve a customized approach to telecom that pinpoints their exact needs.

Choose Universal Connectivity for our:

Universal Connectivity business communications provider

Experience with law firms

Universal Connectivity business communications provider

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Universal Connectivity business communications provider

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The Better Connected Plan

We listen to your needs.

We design custom solutions for law firms.

We implement and manage your plan so you’re better connected.