Benefits of Fiber Optic Business Internet Service

Benefits of Fiber Optic

The reliability of the business internet service connection is critical. Fiber optic connectivity can extend a significant advantage to companies of all sizes – especially for the ones that use data storage or cloud. The internet connection you choose for your organization will not only impact employee productivity, but also the customer experience. What it comes down to is that the more seamless the experience, the more your company can grow. Reliability, bandwidth, speed, security, signal strength and cloud access are just a few of the factors that give fiber optic business internet services the advantage. Here are how these benefits will have a positive impact on your business.

Unmatched Reliability and Performance

Any interruption has a real cost to a business. No matter how many businesses are in your area, you need to be confident that your connection won’t go down and will perform at a high level. With fiber, each office receives its own private line rather than a shared connection. This ensures bandwidth is always available and dedicated only to that location. Adding to its performance, fiber technology transmits information via millions of light pulses every second and is also stronger than copper cables – therefore less susceptible to weather conditions, fire hazards or power outages.

Higher Bandwidth and Higher Speeds

Businesses today have a higher demand for data transmission. Despite internet speeds being dramatically faster since inception, switching to fiber optic internet will benefit your business significantly in several areas including web conferencing, file sharing, HD video streaming, SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) Trunking and cloud applications. Higher bandwidth equals faster speeds and Fiber does it better than any other technology.

Stronger Signal 

A common issue with copper connections is the loss of and/or spotty signals. Data weakens as it travels across copper and needs a boost to go even just a few miles. Data sent via fiber maintains its full signal strength for over 100 miles. 

Quicker Access to the Cloud

If you run a business that requires access to the internet, you most likely have some sort of cloud-based platform that your employees need constant access to. As previously mentioned, the high bandwidth and speed of the fiber internet enables you to access the application and data faster. This reduces delays in downloading and uploading information from the cloud while accessing files faster.

Reduced Costs

It is widely misconstrued that fiber optics isn’t very cost effective. In reality, fiber optic internet service costs less per megabit than a typical copper cable. This of course wasn’t always the case but because fiber optics have become more popular, the price has decreased significantly. 

Better Scalability

Fiber optics can be scaled to your business as it grows. As your needs change and you add employees, fiber optics will scale your internet access along with you. This will of course in turn save your business money in the long run by starting with internet service that can already handle your business growth. 

Choose Fiber Optic Business Internet Service from Universal

At Universal Connectivity we offer premier fiber optic business internet services. Our service includes a flexible bandwidth up to 10Gbps, wireless 4G LTE/5G broadband connection, VPN access for individuals and remote sites and much more. Get the internet service your business deserves. Schedule a consultation with us today to discuss your internet needs. 

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