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of Optimizing Business Contact Center Operations

20% Higher Customer Engagement

Businesses have a 20% higher average customer engagement. Satisfied customers are more likely to return to business, provide positive feedback and recommend the business to others.

3.3x Revenue Increase

Businesses see a 3.3 times greater increase in annual revenue. This is due to factors such as increased customer loyalty, repeat business and positive word-of-mouth referrals.

147% Higher Earnings Per Share

Businesses with highly engaged employees in their contact centers have a 147% higher earnings per share that their competitors with less engaged employees.

24% Lower Employee Turnover

Businesses that have highly engaged employees in their contact centers experience 24% lower turnover rates than their competitors with less engaged employees.

Source: Gallup Polls The Business Benefits of Optimizing Contact Centers, Aug 2020; Customer Engagement in Contact Centers, May 2020; and Employee Engagement Contact Centers, July 2019.

The customer, the team and the technology are the three components to think about when creating, improving or expanding your contact center. Streamline your contact center operations and boost customer satisfaction with our free guide.

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