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Your business has its own unique needs and challenges, and we have the experience and knowledge to solve them. Fully integrated into Microsoft 365, Teams is a workspace for real-time collaboration allowing your organization to seamlessly interact and reach solutions quickly and efficiently. This capability improves productivity across departments, multiple locations and with remote employees. Unify the workforce by leveraging the technology that fits your business needs.

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Microsoft Teams is a valuable part of the Microsoft 365 environment including all the key Teams features such as:

  • Collaborative, persistent group chat
  • Audio and video conferencing
  • Group messaging
  • Search, discovery and file sharing
  • Extensive calendaring so users can keep track of work week, meetings and appointments
  • Workspaces with one or more channels
  • External guest accounts
  • Application library, plugins and 3rd party frameworks
  • Making and receiving calls seamlessly
  • Chat, presence, file sharing, and screen share
  • Ability to sync with office apps like OneDrive, SharePoint, Excel and Outlook

MS Teams Direct Routing – optimize your MS Teams setup

If your business is currently operating with Microsoft Teams, upgrade your MS Teams setup to include enterprise-grade telephony with Direct Routing. Universal Connectivity offers MS Teams integration to help customers leverage Microsoft’s direct routing methodology to seamlessly add local and long-distance calling for all your end users through the MS Teams app they already use.

Your users will receive a telephone number, along with the ability to call anyone inside or outside your company. All inbound and outbound calls are routed through Universal Connectivity’s cloud platform using the Microsoft Teams application.

Consolidate your business’ communications by leveraging the technology of our UC-Links platform to gain more value out of your Office 365 installation with Microsoft Teams integration.

MS Teams Direct Routing - Microsoft Teams Integration

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MS Teams Survival Bundle - Microsoft Teams Integration

MS Teams Survival Bundle

UC-Links with Microsoft Teams integration is designed so that your users never need to leave the MS Teams application. Some users, however, will need an extra level of security, just in case MS Teams becomes unavailable. For those users, we created the UC-Links with MS Teams survival bundle. The survival bundle adds Call forwarding features, including:

  • Call Forwarding Always
  • Call Forwarding NO Answer
  • Call Forwarding Not Reachable

These call forwarding features can be managed through the UC-Links portal before calls are ever sent to MS Teams, ensuring people can reach you – no matter what. 

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Universal Connectivity has many products and services offerings under our UC-Links platform. Through our many trusted partnerships that help us serve you, we can create connectivity solutions that integrate your core business applications.

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