Hosted Video Surveillance

Hosted systems make video surveillance secure and seamless

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Video recording with no bulky equipment

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Online access to live and recorded footage

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No on-site storage needed

What Exactly Is Hosted Video Surveillance?

Hosted video surveillance is a cloud-based video surveillance system that includes video recording, storage, remote viewing, management alerts and cyber security. Video from the customer IP cameras or webcams are transmitted to the service providers secure cloud infrastructure. It also gives you the ability to monitor from anywhere. Why is video surveillance necessary for your business? It deters crime, protects the outside of your business, increases parking lot safety and can serve as evidence for injury claims.

What Is Included in Hosted Video Surveillance?

  • Off-premises equipment that’s maintenance-free
  • Round-the-clock access to live and archived recordings
  • IP cameras that are easy to install and configure
  • Remote accesss via an IP system

Is Your Business Well Protected?

In today’s world, security is a necessity. You want to ensure that your business, employees and customers are safe. You want to be able to monitor your property protecting it from theft, fire, burglary or flood. You may also need them to meet state and federal safety regulations. Without video surveillance, you lose the ability to review the video footage, which can serve as evidence for security staff and law enforcement investigations.

Your business deserves to be protected. Let’s start the conversation and determine which solution fits your businesses needs.

Business Video Surveillance Systems

Get Peace of Mind

Video surveillance plays an important role for businesses working as both a deterrent and recovery tool. Learn more about the benefits including enhanced safety, reduction of loss, multiple site management, as well as the ability to monitor from anywhere. Choose video surveillance from Universal Connectivity and get peace of mind. Count on our:

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Surveillance and Business Security Systems

With hosted video as a service (HVaaS) from Universal Connectivity, you don’t need to keep DVRs or other gear in your office. The system’s IP cameras link directly to our hosted DVR where recordings are processed and stored in the cloud. Your capital expenses go down and your peace of mind increases.

Business Video Surveillance

Keeping an Eye on Your Business

As you compare video surveillance providers, pay attention to the details. Our business security systems service offers benefits like these:

  • No need to purchase a storage server or PC
  • No specific software is needed to connect to the surveillance center interface
  • Access recorded video from any PC that’s connected to the internet
  • Watch live and recorded video anytime or anywhere using an internet browser
  • Recordings selectable by camera from zero days to 60+ days after archiving
  • HVaaS product fees include ongoing software upgrades and feature updates
  • Full online and phone-in technical support

The Better Connected Plan

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