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What Exactly Are Online and Secure Fax Services?

Online fax services make it possible for employees to securely send and receive faxes via email, desktop, smartphone or tablet. You’ll easily be able to maintain HIPPA compliance and you can ditch old fax machines.

What Is Included in Online and Secure Fax Services?

  • The ability to send or receive faxes from your PC or tablet
  • Easy storage and retrieval of faxes electronically

Think You Have to Make Do With Legacy Fax Machines?

Did you know that your employees can securely send and receive faxes by email, from any desktop, tablet or smartphone? Our fax service helps businesses boost productivity, enhance regulatory compliance and eliminate on-site fax hardware.

With secure business fax service from Universal Connectivity, you can:

  • Send and receive faxes from your PC or tablet.
  • Ditch outdated fax machines.
  • Easily store and retrieve faxes electronically.
  • Integrate internet faxing with your office's multifunction printers and devices.
  • Replace fax servers with cloud fax to eliminate major capital expenditures associated with faxing equipment and reduce fax expenses to a low operational cost.
  • Maintain HIPAA compliance.
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Raise Your Hand if You Love Your Fax Machine

For many workplaces, fax machines are relics of past ways of working. Despite being inconvenient to use and expensive to maintain, fax machines and faxing may still be essential to your business. Today’s fax over IP protocol services could ease the burden, if you knew how to make them work for your team. At Universal Connectivity, we help bring faxing up to speed. Count on secure business fax service from Universal Connectivity.

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Secure Business Fax Service Over IP

Why switch to Universal Connectivity’s IP fax service? Your fax machine will no longer be bound to an outdated copper line from the local phone company. Completely eliminate the traditional method of publicly switched telephone network and your worries about important messages going undelivered due to an unreliable connection.

Business Fax Services

Share Documents: Save Your Sanity

See how adding an internet connection transforms faxing into seamless communications:

  • Send and receive faxes over your existing computer data network
  • Our special gateway terminal adaptor plugs into your existing fax machine, replicating the local phone line, and converts the image to html for flawless consistency and elegant delivery
  • The gateway transmits the html fax to our network over your existing internet connection, eliminating the phone line and inconsistency of VoIP faxing
  • Send information from one fax machine to another, from fax machine to email and vice versa
  • Easily sort, email and archive fax messages for later reference

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