4 Ways Cloud-Based Phones Will Wow You

Cloud Based Phone System Benefits

Is it time for your business to get a new phone system? Before you make the purchase, it’s important to research today’s best solutions. Private branch exchanges (PBX) are traditional premise-based phone systems that transmit voice signals as electrical pulses over copper wires. Modern methods turn these signals into digital data that can be transmitted over the internet. Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) is the standard voice communications delivery method for today’s businesses. Here we lay out four impressive cloud-based phone system benefits.

1. Increased Productivity

Teams are constantly looking for ways to increase productivity. Productivity is key to staying afloat, and cloud-based phone systems can help. Their instant message capabilities allow for real-time communication through text, either via computer or smartphone. It’s fast to send a text and a natural part of day-to-day communication. Cloud phone systems also increase collaboration among teams. Tools available include video conferencing, file sharing and real-time project contributions. 

Cloud-based systems boost productivity by saving time spent on maintenance, which can be done in the cloud. Say goodbye to traditional phone system outages caused by weather or other disasters: A hosted PBX option relies on remote data centers and uses redundancy, so if one data center goes down, others will pick it up and service will not be interrupted. 

By consolidating services through integrated platforms, powerful tools are made accessible and easy to use. Cloud integrations allow for a large number of resources to be combined into a single cloud package or suite. The same service provider that allows for large-scale data storage and analytics can also handle voice calls. Cloud-based phone systems are also scalable. You can easily add phone lines, extensions and advanced features, like call forwarding and an auto attendant. If your company expects to see major growth, this is the perfect solution.

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2. Increased Profitability

Are your current phone service costs soaring sky-high while you limp along with outdated equipment? Obviously if you want your business to be around for the long haul, it must be profitable. VoIP equipment carries lower costs compared to on-premise PBX systems. There is just one cabling infrastructure that accommodates both phone and internet; consequently, data and voice bills are consolidated. You can save money on long-distance and toll-free per-minute charges with complete hosted IP PBX solutions. With no need to house phone servers, you could save on office square footage, too.

3. Better Client Interactions

We’ve seen how these systems can increase productivity and profitability. Neither of those matter if your clients don’t see the cloud-based phone system benefits, too. Poor call quality can hinder your ability to reach customers and clients. You need crisp, clear connections with no static, echo or background noise. A VoIP connection is significantly better with high definition VoIP phones. Since these systems are geographically redundant (hosted in multiple locations), they are fail-safe. Even if one server experiences issues, there is another in a different location to keep your communications running without a hitch. Redundancy avoids service issues and prevents downtime, which is a major sticking point for many clients.

4. Work From Anywhere

Are you scrambling to keep remote workers or multiple sites connected? Hybrid and remote work are the new norm; your business needs unified communication solutions to support its work structure. VoIP has the ability to bring multiple sites and remote workers together with a single, unified phone system. The systems are accessible via internet connection through a variety of methods, including:

  • A traditional phone with a VoIP adapter
  • A computer with applications including MS Voice
  • A smartphone with applications like MS Voice
  • A dedicated VoIP phone, connected directly to a computer network 

The system has remote functionality so you can work anywhere at any time. You can route calls to a VoIP-enabled phone no matter where you are. The “ring anywhere” feature allows users to receive or place calls on multiple devices, such as a desk phone and smartphone. This is also called “never miss a call” or “find me, follow me” functionality.

Make the Call

Why should you make the switch to a hosted phone system now? Cloud-based phone system benefits include money and time savings, better connectivity and easy company growth solutions. We can upgrade your outdated PBX system or implement business-class service that integrates high-speed internet and telephone service. Ready to hang up on analog? Universal Connectivity can help you make the switch.

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