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Watch Your Business Take One Giant Leap Toward Cost-Effective Productivity

Are you struggling to remember which provider is servicing which component of your connectivity requirements? Relying on hosted voice over internet protocol (VoIP) can allow your business to take one giant leap toward cost-effective productivity. This document provides a taste of the menu of telecommunications services you get with a hosted UC service.

Traveling to multiple venues and dealing with multiple vendors is a waste of time. This white paper details the different services offered as part of UC hosted services, providing the only link you need to your ever-expanding world.

What you’ll learn:

  • The benefits of hosted video as a service (HVaaS)
  • What fiber optic technology is
  • How VoIP (voice over internet protocol) phone systems cut costs

Use this free, hosted VoIP benefits white paper to understand your options for cost-effective productivity.

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Scrambling to Find Productivity Solutions?

Your broadband speed and connection clarity affect your team and show your clients what kind of business you’re operating. Be heard with hosted VoIP phone service from Universal Connectivity. Merge voice and data to eliminate redundant cabling, featuring 100 percent uptime, flexible solutions and feature-rich phones.

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Put an End To Fragmented Communication

When you can’t communicate or collaborate effectively, balls get dropped and your business suffers. Unified communications put everyone on the same page. Simplify your processes by covering your communication needs with one vendor. For unified voice, video and messaging, rely on unified communications for business. We craft a custom service plan based on your business goals, including hosted VoIP.