What Is Hosted VoIP Business Phone Service?

hosted VoIP business phone service

With so many work options these days like remote, in-office and hybrid, setting up a modern business phone system that’s reliable and scalable is critical to productivity. One way to ensure clear connections while lowering costs is with hosted VoIP business phone services. Find out how a hosted phone system can increase mobility, enhance communications and more.

Overview of VoIP Phone Technology

While traditional PBX phone systems rely on an analog phone line, voice over internet protocol (VoIP) allows you to make calls using your internet bandwidth. With VoIP, you can make and receive calls from practically anywhere so long as you have an internet connection. This service is secure, scalable, saves money and can support your entire business. It also includes communication features businesses need to ensure greater productivity and better end-user and customer experiences. It is a great investment for businesses that want to grow or need to upgrade their current phone system.

How VoIP Works

With VoIP, your calls are connected to the internet via your router, and then get transferred remotely to the hosted VoIP servers where the calls are processed, managed and routed to their destination. Essentially, hosted VoIP business phone services use the same methods used for distributing data on the internet. 

This internet-based telephone communication service is offered and managed by a third-party provider. It’s an ideal solution for companies looking for an inexpensive and unified solution to fulfill their business communication needs. Since calls are converted into digital data packets and sent via the internet, it requires that you have a stable and secure internet connection.

Benefits of Hosted VoIP Business Phone Services

Why choose VoIP phone services over traditional phone lines? We’ve spoken about how versatile this method is since it relies on an internet connection rather than analog phone lines, but there are many more benefits to this service. These include:

  • Lower costs.
  • The ability to scale the system to your needs.
  • Functionality on any mobile device.
  • Remote work friendliness.
  • HD voice quality.
  • Complete portability.
  • Improved productivity.
  • Improved customer experience.
  • Support for unified communications.
  • Advanced call features.
  • Secure connections.

Hosted VoIP Business Phone Services and Features

In addition to standard features like call forwarding, do not disturb, caller ID and voicemail to email, there are advanced features and flexible solutions that business VoIP phone services offer. Based on your budget and communication needs, here are some additional add-on features that will support your workforce, increase productivity and enhance the customer experience.

Call Recording

Call recording lets you review calls providing valuable information for quality assurance, regulatory compliance, employee feedback and training, as well as increase customer satisfaction. This feature keeps detailed records of calls and archives valuable data.

Call Analytics

A call analytic platform allows businesses to streamline operations and make data-driven decisions improving productivity and customer interactions. The technology provides insights through reports, dashboards and team wallboards. 

Voicemail to Email

With voicemail to email, you can retrieve audio files more quickly, improving response time and allowing for easier long-term storage of your records.

SMS Messaging

When you send SMS messages through a VoIP phone system, you’re reaching your customers through a quicker and more efficient method. It’s also a secure option for sending information.

Group Paging

Send automated messages to any size group, across teams and departments. These real-time announcements are an easy way to communicate.

Conference Bridging

Enhance collaboration with conference bridging. With this feature, it’s easy to get groups of people, even international callers, on a single call by using an IP phone or click-to-call on a computer browser.

Upgrade Your Hosted VoIP Business Phone Services

Your business phone system does much more than make and receive calls. It’s key to facilitating communication, elevating customer interactions and unlocking growth. However, not all VoIP service providers are the same. It’s vital to find a business VoIP phone service that’s robust, user-friendly and cost-effective. That’s where Universal Connectivity can help. Get our expert guidance to take your phone system from outdated to cutting edge.

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