Choosing a Business Phone System: The Ultimate Checklist to Help You Make the Call

ultimate business phone checklist

We believe every business deserves to be better connected. We also understand that choosing a business phone system can seem like a daunting task. Whether you are implementing a new business communication system or planning to replace your current provider, you want to make the right call. Partnering with the right provider is not just about the here and now; it’s about positioning your business for success in the short and long term.  

One size rarely fits all, especially when it comes to communication systems. Our checklist recognizes that each industry has its unique demands and is designed to uncover specific needs and pain points. Whether you are in healthcare, finance, education, manufacturing, retail, or any other sector, this checklist becomes your customized guide. You might not have answers to all the questions and that’s ok. That’s where a great partner can step in to help you.

Use this free business phone system checklist to simplify choosing a business phone system. Feel free to:

  1. Save it as a PDF for digital reference
  2. Print it out
  3. Complete fillable PDF and send it back to us to start the conversation. Email it to

This FREE checklist will help you:

  • Project the future communication needs, such as remote work capabilities or additional offices.
  • Clarify your company’s goals.
  • Identify and describe your system needs.
  • Feel confident and prepared when interviewing potential partners.

Download the Checklist

Your business deserves to work with a vendor that best aligns with your objectives. We want to hear about your business communication challenges and how they are impacting your operation. With Universal Connectivity as your strategic partner, you can trust your business will be supported every step of the way. Schedule a consultation today to experience the difference and grow your business with confidence.

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Choosing a Business Phone Provider

How do you choose the right business communication partner to help your business thrive? Grab our free, one page checklist. Compiled based on years of experience, this download can help you jump start your search and selection process and:

  • Compare providers.
  • Document your needs.
  • Clarify your goals.
  • Feel prepared to evaluate partners.

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