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Learn How VoIP Amplifies Your Productivity, Profitability and Prestige

Are your customers getting frustrated with dropped calls on your outdated phone systems? Upgrading to modern voice over internet protocol (VoIP) can maximize productivity, profitability and prestige. But only with the best resources and cutting-edge solutions can you harness the power of crystal-clear connectivity. This document explains the main reasons why using VoIP on a hosted network is the best move for your business.

It can be daunting to switch phone systems, but outdated systems aren’t doing you any favors. For better or worse, your phone system shows your clients what kind of business you’re operating. This white paper explains how you can tap into the power of premium connectivity to optimize all aspects of your business, from employee productivity to client satisfaction and your company’s bottom line.

What you’ll learn:

  • VoIP benefits for connectivity
  • The critical impact of modern telecommunications on profit
  • How integration works with a hosted phone system

Use this free business VoIP benefits white paper to understand your options for modern connectivity.

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Stuck on Hold With Outdated Phone Service?

Your phone system involves so much more than making and receiving calls: It’s a powerful tool to maximize productivity, catapult profitability and optimize client interaction. You, your employees and your customers need to be free from phone frustration. Replacing your outgrown, outdated and very expensive PBX/Key system or Centrex PRI service requires expert guidance. You deserve to know VoIP benefits so your business can maximize its earning potential.

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Robust IP Communications Service

Make the move from old to new technology, consolidate data and voice bills and save money on long distance and toll-free per-minute charges with complete hosted IP PBX solutions from Universal Connectivity. All of these business-class features are only one call away.

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