Mitel MiVoice End of Life

Mitel announced end-of-life for their business phone system and cloud services. Here's what you can do to navigate a seamless Mitel MiVoice end of life transition.

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Mitel MiVoice End of Life: Important Dates

Mitel has released a timeline detailing the phase-out of their business phone system and cloud services. For businesses that have relied on this platform for over two decades, this presents an opportunity to upgrade to the latest communication technologies.

July 6, 2024

End of New System Sales

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December 31, 2024

End of Add On Sales*
* Including both hardware and software expansions. Feature enhancements, patching, system scalability and expansions of current systems.

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December 31, 2028

End of Hardware Repair & RMA**
** RMA: return merchandise authorization

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December 31, 2029

End of Technical Support

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January 31, 2022

End of New System Sales

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June 30, 2022

End of Add On Sales*
* Including both hardware and software expansions. Feature enhancements, patching, system scalability and expansions of current systems.

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January 31, 2023

End of Software Design

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January 30, 2026

End of Technical Life

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What Are My Options?

There are many options available to replace your system based on your business’s needs beyond migrating to Ring Central.

Mitel MiVoice End of Life: Risks and Implications

After 2024, the system will enter a maintenance-only phase, with support available until December 31, 2029. This means that while basic help and repairs will be provided, there won’t be any new features or significant updates during this period. It’s crucial to recognize the heightened security risks associated with running the MiVoice system past December 31, 2024. From that point forward, the system won’t receive updates or critical security patches, making it susceptible to cyber threats. Continuation of its use will require complex technical workarounds, leading to potential operational frustrations and vulnerabilities.

For Mitel customers using the MiVoice Office 250, the implications for their phone system include:

  • The product line will not receive any new updates or further development. 
  • Technical support for this product will cease following the end of current contract terms. 
  • Availability of spare or repair parts for this product line will significantly reduce or stop entirely. 
  • Some features or functionalities may become restricted or unavailable, and the product will not integrate with newer products. 
  • While the idea of continuing to use the MiVoice Office system to maximize its remaining lifespan is understandable, it is advisable to start exploring alternative systems now. Eventually, relying on a system without support could lead to critical issues with no available technical assistance. 

Preparing For What’s Next

What does this all mean? It signifies that proactive measures must be taken to support seamless operation of your communication systems. Remember, an “end-of-life” announcement in the communication industry is not an end but the start of a new chapter, opening the door to innovative and promising opportunities.

We will help you navigate the journey ahead by:

  1. Evaluating current needs. Conduct a thorough analysis of your current business requirements. Identify the non-negotiable features and functionalities for your business operations.
  2. Designing a solution. Fit your needs and budget with a tailored transition plan.
  3. Deploying the new system. Equip your team with the necessary training to proficiently navigate the new system.
  4. Optimizing the upgraded system. Align your phone system with your expanding business needs. Adjust the setup as needed, based on user feedback and the performance metrics of the new system.

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