New Call Center Service Offering: UC-Links With Talkdesk

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If you own or work in a small business, you know that customer service is your top priority. The way you communicate with customers and respond to their needs is at the heart of great service. To help you improve your customer interactions, Universal Connectivity is now offering UC-Links with Talkdesk call center services

These services will be immediately available to any customer.  Learn how you can optimize your customer experience, boost communication and increase revenue. UC-Links with Talkdesk provides better relationships through better experiences, uses an embedded native AI across the platform, empowers agents from anywhere, gives access to 60+ out-of-the-box integrations and applications, including Salesforce Cloud. 

UC-Links with Talkdesk for Retail

Exceptional customer service is a must in the retail industry. Conversation is at the center of your business, so it’s vital you have an efficient method to communicate with your customers. They interact with your business via different channels so it’s important to be able to connect with them at every point of their shopping journey. Eliminate customers’ frustrations with reaching out to you. UC-Links with Talkdesk provides you with the capabilities needed to connect with your customers and direct them to the best team member to support their needs. 

UC-Links with Talkdesk for Financial Services

Trust is the basis for every customer relationship with financial services. Your financial firm has to deliver seamless, personalized and trustworthy experiences to your clients. By using AI technologies, self-service tools and reporting capabilities across multiple finance branches and contact centers, UC-Links with Talkdesk allows your team to access vital information and data in one view. The result? Customers feel that their money and investments are safely in the hands of highly competent professionals. 

UC-Links with Talkdesk for Insurance Brokers 

When customers reach out to insurance brokers, they typically need help quickly. You can elevate agent responsiveness through the comprehensive capabilities offered by Talkdesk for insurance brokers. Give your policyholders a smooth experience, from purchasing a policy to filing a claim to paying bills. With AI technologies, chatbots and multiple channels for easy communication, your policyholders receive a simple, self-guided user experience. When your staff does talk with policyholders, they can offer better support and service, thanks to Talkdesk’s 360-degree view of customers’ files.  

Call Center Services from Universal Connectivity

Choosing Universal Connectivity as your call center service partner will bring you the efficiency and customer-centered service you and your contact center need. With UC-Links with Talkdesk from Universal Connectivity, you’ll benefit from partnering with a professional who knows you and allows you to focus on your business, because we understand that every conversation is an opportunity to create an extraordinary customer experience. Learn more about UC-Links with Talkdesk for your business needs with Universal Connectivity, your link to your world. Start the conversation with us today. 

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