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Universal Connectivity launches new site centered on client-led solutions

With a fresh and engaging user experience, the new Universal Connectivity website now offers visitors a clear message: You can feel confident and in control of your business telecom systems. Through the refreshed site, visitors can browse and learn more about how the company serves its mission to connect humans to humans, humans to machines and machines to things. 

Headquartered in West Hartford, Connecticut, Universal Connectivity is a premier unified communications as a service (UCaaS) provider, offering enterprise-class voice over internet protocol (VoIP) business phone systems and contact center applications. Since 1995, their unique approach has enabled them to deliver leading technology solutions with a dedicated team of experts to ensure client success.

“Universal Connectivity is unique in that we listen to your needs, then customize a plan just for you,” said James Smith, president and chief connector at Universal Connectivity. “We pride ourselves on letting your needs drive the solution, not the other way around.” 

Universal Connectivity has worked hard to define customer-centric core values. These include pragmatic creativity in letting clients’ needs dictate the solution, the human touch of responding immediately to people’s needs and thoroughness as they listen and understand their clients’ businesses. 

“Happiness is another important core value to our team at Universal Connectivity,” Smith said. “We love what we do, and it shows. We realize people are frustrated with their old phone systems or they may be struggling to connect with remote workers. We plan and engineer the best telecom systems so businesses can get connected and grow. By allowing people to feel confident, we relieve stress and spread happiness, if you will.”  

“We help people get better connected. We believe technology should be an asset, not an obstacle.”

James Smith, president and chief connector at Universal Connectivity

When business owners begin researching business telecom providers and network solutions, they may get the impression that all telecom companies are the same. But Universal Connectivity stands out as a trusted name in the community for over 26 years. “We live where you live and we love what we do. That’s what sets us apart,” Smith said. “We are a part of the greater community and want to be an integral part of your organization. As your business grows, it’s good for all of us. And our new website reflects that about us.” 

The new website also portrays Universal Connectivity’s passion for enjoying what they do: helping businesses grow and thrive. Most of all, the website allows the team to share thought leadership with other business leaders through “The Connectors’ Blog.”   BigOrange Marketing of Cincinnati, Ohio, provided the web strategy, design and original content. See the new website at

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James Smith

As President and Chief Connector, James loves solving complex communication problems to help businesses transform, optimize, grow and succeed. One of his favorite parts of the job is being able to smooth the pathways for clients to communicate clearly and effortlessly. On this blog he shares telecommunications industry news and the latest trends.

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