Should I Keep Investing In My Obsolete Toshiba Phone System?

Learn how moving your business to VoIP phone services saves you money, increases productivity and creates a better customer experience.

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Let’s Talk About Your Toshiba Phone System

Is your Toshiba legacy on-premise phone system at risk of failing? Toshiba systems are at their end of life and any attempts to keep this outdated system up and running is a band-aid. Why not put that money to better use and actually improve your team's communication and collaboration? It's time to consider a move to a cloud voice solution.

Replace your vulnerable Toshiba phone system with a cloud-based business solution. You'll not only get higher quality and more reliable calls, you'll get a phone system that provides true portability and business continuity. You will no longer be at risk of your phones not being answered by your auto-attendant in your voicemail system if you lose power/phone lines to the office.

Show your clients what kind of business you’re operating with a high quality VoIP solution that keeps your team sounding professional no matter where they connect from.

Be heard with a hosted phone service from Universal Connectivity.

Does Your End-of-Life Toshiba System Have You Stuck on Hold?

Your phone system involves so much more than making and receiving calls: It’s a powerful tool to maximize productivity, catapult profitability and optimize client interaction. You, your employees and your customers need to be free from phone frustration. Replacing your on-premise Toshiba business phone system can be seamless with the right expert guidance. Make the call to Universal Connectivity and count on our: 

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Choose the Right Phone Provider for Your Business

Communication helps your business thrive. So how do you choose the right communication partner for you? This one-page checklist can help jump start your search and selection process. It will help you:

  • Feel prepared to interview and evaluate potential partners.
  • Document your business communication needs.
  • Clarify your future goals for your company.
  • Compare providers of business phone systems.

Get The Checklist

Don't Get Stuck Doing It All On Your Own

Some VoIP system providers do little more than ship you phones and leave the rest up to your internal IT team — whether you have one or not. As a Universal Connectivity client, you become a strategic partner — so from start to finish, we leave no loose ends. We are by your side every step of the way, completing the process from data cabling and IT infrastructure, to configuring firewalls and other security features. We'll make sure your new cloud phone system is working for your business. When you choose Universal Connectivity, you'll get:

Universal Connectivity business communications provider

Human help from start to finish from our experts who treat your business like our own

Universal Connectivity business communications provider

Better backup, VoIP switches, routers, firewalls and other infrastucture

Universal Connectivity business communications provider

Assessing your infrastucture from voice and data cabling to LAN, WiFi, power, backup power and whatever else you need

Make the Call to Do Much More Than Make Calls

Your VoIP phone service from Universal Connectivity will include:

  • Extension calling and system monitoring.
  • A single, unified phone system no matter where your team is located.
  • Crisp, clear connections (no static, echoes or background noise).
  • One cabling infrastructure for both phones and internet.
  • Lower-cost VoIP equipment than your legacy Toshiba system.
  • Seamless mobile device connections.

Robust IP Communications Service

Make the move from old to new technology, consolidate data and voice bills and save money on long distance and toll-free per-minute charges with complete hosted IP PBX solutions from Universal Connectivity. All of these business-class features are only one call away.

Managed Network Solutions

The Toshiba Phone Replacement Plan

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We design custom solutions.

We implement and manage your plan so you’re better connected.